I’m a IT student at Zuyd University of Applied Science in Heerlen, the Netherlands. I’m specializing in infrastructure design and IT services, which is one of the available graduation tracks at Zuyd (the other tracks being business intelligence, and IT development/software engineering), although in reality I took about half my courses in the IT development track and am currenlty doing an IT development graduation project. I also graduated with an ICT-administration MBO (comparable to community college in the US) degree from Gilde Opleidingen.

During my time as a student I have done serveral internships. I also do freelance IT work (including web design) for consumers and small to medium businesses, so feel free to contact me.

I created this website to write about my interest and document my learning process. I will be writing about any computer science/IT subject that catches my interest as well as some other subjects (like games, science-fiction, etc.)

Besides computer stuff I like playing games, video games as well as board and tabletop games, and reading, mostly non-fiction (history, science, etc.), science-fiction and fantasy.