New Website, Hugo Theme

Until about a week ago I had a complete Wordpress installation for my About page, my CV and some old blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I like Wordpress, and I still use it when I build websites for other people. But it seemed like overkill for a website that is basically some plaintext, some formatting, and maybe an image or two. What got me thinking about this was Bryan Lunduke’s video, The World Wide Web Sucks, in which he rants about high RAM and CPU usage of websites these days.

At first I looked at flat-file CMS’s but quickly switch to static-site generators. These are pieces of software you run on own computer and generate a static HTML/CSS (sometimes also some JavaScript) websites based on templates and content files. This gives you many of the advantages of a traditional CMS, but without the extra overhead. After you generate the site it is possible to use a system like git to clone the new version to the remote server.

I chose Hugo as my static-site generator. I wasn’t satisfied with the themes available so I decided to create my own theme (which is available here). It was really important for me to have a simple, clean, and dark theme. As a bonus, this theme (and thus website) contain no JavaScript, keeping the site lightweight. That said, I’m considering adding code highlighting which might require a bit of JavaScript.